I recently developed Plantar Fasciitis, was in a lot of pain and very worried. The advice online, and from people I knew, was that I needed to rest, avoid walking barefoot, wear arch supports (and possibly very expensive bespoke ones), and I was even told my arches had dropped! My job involves being on my feet all day, I have a dog and a horse and so am very active. I was fearful of my income being impacted and not being able to honour my responsibilities.

I contacted Anna Maria and thank goodness I did! AnnaMaria very quickly assured me that she could help me. Not only that, but maintaining my current activity levels was to be encouraged, as was walking barefoot and wearing a range of footwear. She explained how arch supports “work” so that I could make an informed choice as to whether to use them or not. I chose not to. We made a couple of small, temporary changes in the beginning, no running and no squatting on the balls of my feet. Other than that, I carried on as before. I was given easy exercises to do a few times a day that took mere moments and with very few sessions, and the minimal amount of cost, I am now pain free!

AnnaMaria is an exceptional practitioner, empowering her clients to be involved in their recovery. Encouraging independence rather than dependence and explaining things in such a way that inspires confidence. AnnaMaria is incredibly supportive but in a way that made me believe in myself and the power of my body.

Whether you need remedial work or just enjoy a wonderful massage, I highly recommend a visit to The Clinic.

I was new to the area and struggling with a particularly acute spell of lower back pain. Despite being involved in county-level sport since a child, my recurring lower back pain had become increasingly debilitating causing my love of participating in sport to be forced to an abrupt end. I had exhausted various treatment options; chiropractors, doctors, medications, massage guns, rollers… the list is infinite but nothing worked, and eventually all concerned that at 29 years of age my sporting pursuits were over. That was until a friend recommended I saw Anna Maria.

Despondent after all the failed treatment attempts in the past, I went but was already convinced the outcome would be the same. That very appointment was the beginning of regaining my sporting career. I was immediately struck by how genuinely kind, intuitive, and quietly self-assured Anna Maria was. She promised no miracle cures or gimmicks but instead, through massage, targeted exercise plans and advice on self-help strategies to help me regain confidence in my body, my life has turned around!

Since I began seeing Anna Maria, I have completed various sporting events that at one time I never imagined possible, including; two Ironman triathlons (70.3 Stafford and Full in Switzerland), two marathons and I am currently training for a qualifying time to run the Boston marathon in the USA. My treatment programme has changed and is no longer reactive but preventative, regular massage helps my body recover faster and feel refreshed for the next hard training session.

Through my treatment with Anna Maria I have regained the confidence I’d lost in my body, I feel equipped to maintain it and empowered to deal with it when things go wrong, Every step along the way Anna Maria has been there for reassurance and support. It is abundantly clear that this is not a job but a vocation for her.

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