The massage clinic and the training school were again part of one of the biggest UK cyclo-sportives, The Dartmoor Classic. We provided pre and post event massage as well as injury treatment.

This year we added a rock tape corner where cyclists were invited to try this revolutionary method of taping. We mostly used the tape to stabilize knee motion as well as offload overworking calves and hamstrings.

Post event feedback was nothing less than amazing. Please read below what some of the cyclists wrote down in our comment book.

“Done 107 miles very good. Found it very helpful. No cramping in the calf and i climbed 10.000ft. WOW. ” M.B.

“Absolutely convinced about the benefits of Rock Tape. Wouldn t have got round without it! Thanks so much Anna Maria. ” Paul Oxenham

“Wow totally unbelieveable what a producct! Thanks. ” Roger

“Fractured my collarbone 8 months ago. I have a plate and a lot of pain because of it. The tape changed all of that and I not only smashed the race but it has made me happier about the future knowing a product like this exists! ” Adam Al-Dabagh

“both knees taped. Wet and cold day. always had knee pain from 50+ miles. withh tape NO PAIN. ” Mark Haplin

“both knees taped + ITB, DIDN T HAVE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST TWINGE!” Kate Evans

“ one knee taped, usually a few twinges due to lack of cartilage, worked a treat, fully recommend it. ” Dave P

“it made a huge difference to my ride, pain free for the duration would definately recommend and will be using again” anonymous

“Seemed to help with tightness in hamstrings” anonymous

“Shoulder support was great! much much easier than expected. ” Warren

“Knee and elbow taped. two weeks ago was knocked off my bike. bruising on arm and knee, have rode over the last two weeks ending with pain in knee. today no pain at all” F.J.


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